Cultural Diversity Encouraged By One Direction

This may seem a bit out of place on my shopping blog but I absolutely love One Direction!

Singer Harry Styles knows how to make a “splash” whether it is through singing or “whale spouting” during a particular song. This week, however, he took his showmanship one step further in wishing everyone an enjoyable Eid Mubarak.


While Styles did not need a translation agency to spread the well-wishes, the sentiment was well received by his fans. He went on, later, to tweet

Better load up now. Yom Kippur just around the corner.”

Styles is good about staying in touch with fans of One Direction, tweeting frequently about activities and incidents. This brings fans into the fold, making them feel like part of his life and of the workings of One Direction.

Liam, as well, scored points with fans when he mentioned that Tampa is, “hands down” the best crowd. He went on to say,

Not even halfway through the show and I can early tell.”

Liam had spent a great deal of his childhood in the Tampa area, and says he loves the area.

Finally, some fans were very relieved to discover that Harry’s tattoo of the name “Anne” on his knuckles is done with a sharpie.

One thought on “Cultural Diversity Encouraged By One Direction

  1. JB is rude..I don’t like him..JB hates Liam Pyne so much because his hair style is same as him I love of JB song but I don’t like him..1D is my real faovrite even their styles..JB’s jean is nearly nude.. 1

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