A Great Glamping Gift For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, and, as usual, many of us are frantically looking for a special gift for that special someone. Thanks to modern entrepreneurs, there are a number of fabulous ways to show your love for that person in a romantic, beautiful setting. Here are some suggestions to make this holiday memorable.

Limousine Ride

It seems like most teenagers these days have ridden in a limousine at least once. A “stretch limo” is parked in front of the school building at least once a month, hauling excited 10 year olds to the pizza place in style to celebrate that much-anticipated birthday.

By contrast, most adults have NOT ever ridden in a limousine. That’s just unfair!

Hire a limo to pick your loved one up at work. Even if you just take the long way home, you can share a glass or two of champagne on the ride.

Go Luxury Camping


Face it – the words “luxury” and “camping” don’t really go together. Unless you are familiar with glamping. Glamour camping is an incredible way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life without giving up comfort.

A luxury tent rental places you right in your favorite camping spot, except you have climate control and catering. You can select different kinds of tents, from Bedouin style to a yurt. Imaging taking your sweetheart to your favorite nature site, topping the rise, and seeing a fabulous tent awaiting your arrival – complete with a butler!

The tents have floors and luxurious carpeting, bath facilities, and regular sized beds. They even have electricity, although wi-fi may be subject to location. You can request catered meals to suit your dietary needs or taste for special dishes. If your idea of romance is to be a part of one of the many festivals in the UK, you can actually be on the grounds, rather than on the outskirts.

Basically, the service you are receiving is the luxury camping. Take your luxury hotel room with you, and have a great Valentine’s day.

Have a Couple’s Spa Day

Couples hot stone massage cvb web

Share a spa day with your loved one. This can be simply a couple’s massage, or you can spend the entire day getting facials, steam room treatments, and massages. There are many places that provide this type of service, and you can find a wide variety of amenities provided.

Go Float



If your sweetie is in constant motion and seems to always be distracted, arrange for a float session. This is actually based on a sensory deprivation technique, but in limited sessions, it can be very relaxing. You put on your swimsuit and float in a “pod”. Filled with water dense with Epsom salts, the pod is dark, body temperature, and quiet. You wear earplugs to keep the water out of your ears, and float in the warm darkness for 30 minutes or so. The effect is rejuvenating.

Whether you enjoy glamping or some other luxury on Valentine’s Day, just be aware that there are many businesses dedicated to original experiences.


Drying Your Clothes, Outdoors Or Indoors?

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Should you dry your clothes indoors or outdoors? There are different schools of thought, and different preferences.



First of all, you have to consider your location. In many cases, it simply may be impossible to dry your clothes outdoors. The absence of a garden or yard may make an outdoor drying rack or clothesline impossible. You may also live in a neighbourhood that would frown on the use of an outdoor clothesline.
However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to indoor drying. Many portable clothes drying racks can be set up on the patio to dry some items outdoors.
If you have a very small apartment, or your house has no laundry room, you may feel the need to dry some items outdoors on a clothes drying rack.

Clothes Drying Racks


For small areas, a ceiling drying rack may be the best solution. It will not take up any floor space, and can give you plenty of drying surfaces. One of the great things about a ceiling drying rack is that, since heat rises, the clothes will dry more quickly.
Another advantage of drying racks indoors is that they can raise the humidity in the house. When winter comes and forced heat saps moisture from the air, drying your clothes indoors can add some moisture to the atmosphere. This often can help people with sensitive sinuses.
There are, however, some potential problems with drying your clothes indoors, on a drying rack. Some racks are in the way, and can get knocked over. In some cases, the garments placed on the rack may be so wet that they drip, which can get the flooring underneath the rack to get wet. If you use the drying rack a lot, the excess moisture can cause carpeting or rugs beneath the rack to mildew. Hard flooring may become slick, so you need to be careful.

Drying Clothes Outside


Drying your clothes outside is a great way to freshen them, and the sun may bleach out your white items a little more. If there is a little bit of breeze, the clothes will dry even quicker.
However, it is not always a great way to dry clothes if there are bugs about. Some bugs are attracted to the moisture in the fabric, and you may carry the bugs into the house when you bring in the laundry.
Sometimes, too, the fabrics are more stiff. This is usually due to the fact that there is no fabric softener sheet for the clothes line. When you dry clothes in the dryer, you can add a dryer sheet.
Drying clothes outside on a clothesline may also leave marks on the garments from the clothespins. If this is the case, you may want to switch to a drying rack. With a rack, you just drape the items on the rack without clamps. You just have to be careful that the wind does not blow them away!

5 Ideas For Building With Timber

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To paraphrase an old pearl of wisdom, I would say “Give me a piece of furniture, and I have furniture. Give me a circular saw and some timber, and I have an avocation.” Working with timber is one of the most satisfying hobbies and/or careers a person can perform. I helped my dad build the addition to our house when I was a child. The scents of sawdust and of wood overheated by a dull saw blade still make me feel at home. The sound of a nail being driven into the wood, with its pitch rising with each successive blow, is music to my ears. I still analyze the grains of wood to determine hardwood or softwood, ash, oak, mahogany, white pine, or yellow pine. In short, I am a dedicated timber nerd. I can spend hours strolling through the home improvement store, just enjoying the scents. But, enough about me. Here are 5 things you can build with timber.

Raised Planting Beds


This is a pretty simple assignment – build a raised planting bed. It is, basically, a box. They are used in city-scapes, home gardens, and interior spaces. The raised planter gives you the opportunity to have plants around you regardless of soil conditions, because you get to determine what kind of soil in in the planter.
When you build a raised planting bed, use timber that is resistant to rot. Redwood or cedar are the most common choices for this. You also want boards that are of a pretty substantial weight and size, so that it will withstand the weight of soil and water, and the pressure of plant roots. Dig out a trough for the boards, and make sure they are level before you screw them together. Some people line their planter with plastic, but make sure that it can drain properly to avoid root rot.

Timber Retaining Walls


These are beautiful solutions to property that is steeply sloped. You can build up your lawn or garden, once you have build a sturdy retaining wall. This is often done with landscaping timbers that are laid horizontally and staked to the ground in successive layers. Others will sink the timbers vertically into the ground, with reinforcement behind to keep them from splaying. This can look great with a home that features timber cladding.


Decks are particularly popular with homeowners, because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without having to slog through mud or other inventions of nature. The deck can be an outdoor living area, complete with floor space, steps, shade, and planters. Timber of various sizes can be used for this project, giving you more opportunity to try your joining skills.


Dress up your garden with a beautifully crafted timber gate. Patterns abound on the internet and at woodworking stores. You don’t have to work in wrought iron to build a beautiful gate.



If you elect to build stairs to your home or deck, remember this – each riser should be EXACTLY the same height, and level. Otherwise, people will trip.
Now, go – enjoy working with wood and power tools.

Buying Garden Ornaments

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Buying garden ornaments can make your garden more beautiful and personal than you would ever think. There are many ways to “fix up” your garden, and they can make it more accessible, comfortable, and welcoming than you may have ever thought.

Gazing Balls


Despite the weird name, the gazing ball can be a great accessory to your garden. This is an orb with a mirror-like finish, and evokes the idea of a crystal ball used in fortune telling. The orb can be a made of glass or metal, and can be brightly coloured. The name indicates that one would sit and stare at the ball, rather than the garden. However, the true purpose of the gazing ball is to create a centrepiece in the garden. It can be a spot of colour, adding accent to an area and drawing the eye to a section of the garden. In formal settings, it can act as a centrepiece, sitting in the middle of the garden. In other uses, it can be a spot of colour or light in a dark corner of the garden, automatically giving that corner more significance in the overall structure of the garden.

Water Features


A water feature can bring the sound of flowing water to your garden. This is not only a restful sound, it can also drown out neighbourhood noise quite effectively.

Contrary to what you may think, a water feature does not have to be a formal, three-tiered fountain with a cherub at the top peeing a stream. Those may be great in a large, formal garden, but what about your small patio garden? A wall fountain may be the best solution, wall fountains also look great with Illuminated plant pots UK. Wall fountains are available in every style you can imagine, from lion’s head fountains to slate walls down which water runs to the retaining tank. The flowing water does not attract mosquitoes because they only live in stagnant water.



Statuary is another garden ornament that is popular with many gardeners. But, how much is too much? the answer is with you. Some people want one garden gnome hidden in the shrubbery for the children to find, others want all 7 Dwarves. You may want a St. Francis statue for your bird feeder. many places have a wide assortment of statuary for your garden, all of which can be a great addition.


Benches, tables, and other garden furniture make the garden beautiful and functional. A teak bench located beneath a shade tree, a lounger placed on a sunny deck, or a table and dining chairs on the patio all create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages you and your visitors to enter the garden and enjoy the scenery.



Planters are not always considered a garden ornament as there are inside variants aswell, but garden planters can be just as decorative as any sculpture or water feature. Planters come in a range of different shapes sizes and materials.

Pavers can also make an exciting addition to the garden, River rock, mulch, gravel, and shaped stones, either used exclusively or combined with each other, can lead the eye, and the garden visitor, throughout the garden for beautiful experiences.


Why A Weight Loss Retreat Might Be Your Best Option

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Losing weight is such a pain, sometimes, isn’t it? People get sick to death of trying to lose weight, and with winter and the holiday seasons approaching, we often feel like we are in a no-win situation. Even any exercise regimen we may have started is disrupted with the change in the weather, and colder weather makes us want comfort foods full of calories. That’s why a weight loss retreat might be your best option for getting your weight under control.

Get Away From it All

The pressures of needing to lose weight can drive a person crazy. You are rushing around trying to get the morning started and get to work, then meeting deadlines at work, only to rush home and cook dinner. Then, there is the pressure of selecting something that everyone will eat, but that will fit within your diet plan. That is if you actually cook dinner, rather than getting take-out.

With a weight loss retreat, you can get away from it all. Any appointment is for your benefit, rather than for others. You have a schedule to follow, and it is the same every day – not changed because you had a flat tyre or run out of gas. You can do your yoga routine without having to answer the phone or pick up a sick kid at school.

Meals at Weight Loss Retreats

Weight loss is greatly linked to your food intake, as we all know. At weight loss retreats, your meals and snacks are all planned for you, and you do not have to make any decisions harder than “which delicious meal will I choose tonight?” Weight loss retreats have their own dieticians on staff, and most of them employ chefs. They prove that food that is good for you can also taste good. In addition, most of them will provide special diets for medical needs, such as diabetes and allergies.


Your exercise regimen at weight loss retreat will be geared toward your abilities and your needs. You will be there with other people just like you, who are trying to better themselves and be healthier. Most weight loss retreats will assign you a personal trainer who can spur you on to greater accomplishments.


You will also find that many weight loss retreats have a beautiful setting. There is usually a garden to enjoy, and many of them have full view of countryside and even beaches. The rooms are almost spa-like, and you have access to a masseuse and hot tub at most retreats.

The Right Track

Attending a weight loss retreat can get you on the right track. You lose a few pounds, detox your body, and find your inner balance once again, so that when you go home, you are stronger and more able to take care of yourself.

A beautiful setting, comfortable lodging, delicious foods, attainable goals, and appropriate exercise are all available to you when you go to a weight loss retreat.


Treating A Lawn With Problems

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A beautiful lawn is a benefit to the ecosystem, but lawn maintenance can be a mystery. Why won’t grass grow in THAT SPOT? Why are there brown spots on the grass? Why are there big dead circles in the lawn? Here are some tips for treating a lawn with problems.


You may have trouble with sections of your lawn that do not ever seem to get covered with grass. There may be a simple lawn treatment to this. That area of the soil may just need aeration.

Some sections of the garden or lawn that are barren are often just packed down and need to be aerated. You can do this with a motorized machine that looks much like a reel-type mower. Or, you can use an aerator punch that you stand on to poke holes in the soil.

Grub Worms

If you have June bugs, then you have grub worms. Grubs are the larvae of June bugs, and they eat the roots of grass. Those big bare spots in your lawn are probably grubs that have hatched from a June bug’s egg sac.

There are chemicals that will kill the grub worms. Then, your lawn can begin to spread back over the bare spot. It helps to keep those spots moist to encourage runners from your lawn grasses to take root.

Brown Spots

Brown spots in the lawn are usually caused by pets. They use the bathroom on the grass, and the urea or feces kill the grass in that area. Some lawn care companies sell a chemical that can help the grass recover in those brown spots. The quickest and best way to treat those areas is to remove any feces, and, with a water hose, hose feces and urea off of the area, diluting it so that it does not damage the blades of grass.

Brown Tips

You have been so careful to fertilize at the right time, and aerate the soil, and keep the kids and pets off of the grass, but the tips of the grass blades are still brown. This is especially bad after you mow.

To keep brown tips from marring your beautiful lawn, sharpen the mower blade. A dull mower blade will tear up the grass tips, rather than slicing neatly through.

You also need to raise your mower. Cutting the grass too close to the ground will burn the tips of the grass blades, and by raising your mower, you can keep the grass healthy.

Finally, to combat brown tips, lightly sprits your lawn with water after mowing. This will moisturize the tips of the grass that have been cut, and they will heal more quickly. Misting will keep the grass from burning.

With a sharp mower blade, correct height, and a sprits of water, you can keep your lawn nice and green, rather than brown looking.

For other problems, you may need to consult with a landscape specialist. He or she can give you advice on laying pavers for pet trails, and other such situations.

Cultural Diversity Encouraged By One Direction

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This may seem a bit out of place on my shopping blog but I absolutely love One Direction!

Singer Harry Styles knows how to make a “splash” whether it is through singing or “whale spouting” during a particular song. This week, however, he took his showmanship one step further in wishing everyone an enjoyable Eid Mubarak.


While Styles did not need a translation agency to spread the well-wishes, the sentiment was well received by his fans. He went on, later, to tweet

Better load up now. Yom Kippur just around the corner.”

Styles is good about staying in touch with fans of One Direction, tweeting frequently about activities and incidents. This brings fans into the fold, making them feel like part of his life and of the workings of One Direction.

Liam, as well, scored points with fans when he mentioned that Tampa is, “hands down” the best crowd. He went on to say,

Not even halfway through the show and I can early tell.”

Liam had spent a great deal of his childhood in the Tampa area, and says he loves the area.

Finally, some fans were very relieved to discover that Harry’s tattoo of the name “Anne” on his knuckles is done with a sharpie.

Shopping For A Personal Trainer

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When keeping up with your workout becomes a drag, it is usually time to find a personal trainer. A personal trainer can get to know you and know what encourages you, as well as what discourages you. The expertise is nice, too. But, how do you go about shopping for a personal trainer? Here are some pointers that will help you find a good match.

Finding a Personal Trainer that is the Right Fit


You wouldn’t wear someone else’s trainers to work out, would you? Well, one size does not fit all when it comes to personal trainers, either. One of the best ways to get an idea of who would work for you is to ask friends, family, and coworkers who they use for a personal trainer. Do they like the trainer? How do they work out their schedule with the trainer? Does the trainer provide one-on-one time, or is everything in groups? By getting to know how a personal trainer interacts with others, you may be able to tell if you would have a good relationship, too.

Certification of Personal Trainers

Some personal trainers are just good cheerleaders. Maybe they have a knack for encouraging people who lag behind, or maybe they are good at boot-camp scenarios. But, you can find out if a personal trainer is certified just by asking. They can get levels of certification in fitness, as well as rankings in various martial arts. They can also undergo training and certification in many workout techniques, from cross-fit to spinning and aerobics. A personal trainer who has taken the time to gain certification in one or more areas of fitness can be an invaluable asset to your routine. You may even find one that has training in diet.

Online Personal Trainers

Many people are opting for online personal trainers, these days. You can have access to the expertise of certified personal trainers who specialize in a variety of fitness routines. Online training also usually includes dietary advice and even menus.

One of the most popular features of your online personal trainer is that your time is your own. You no longer have to make an appointment and plan your life around your workout. You clock in on the app when you are ready to work out, and get the advice and guidance you need for that particular workout, wherever you are. This is especially helpful for people who travel a lot, or who have irregular work hours.

These apps also can advise you about what to order when you eat out. Ordering suggestions, nutritional information, and serving size pointers are available at the touch of a screen. This is one reason that so many people are turning to online fitness – they can tailor their sessions and planning to their own needs, even if those needs change on the fly.


Costs of Personal Trainers

Finally, online personal trainers often are not nearly as expensive as one that comes to your house. You can have all the benefits, with a fraction of the cost.

Taking Up Dance As A Hobby

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Physical exercise has progressed through the millennia from the basic requirement of a hunger-gatherer society to, in most civilizations, a voluntary activity. People might make a living in a particular sport, and develop the physique necessary to excel in that arena. Or, they may simply look for a way to improve their health and attitude through a regular workout. While Yoga and martial arts have been around for thousands of years, there is one form of exercise that dates back even further. Dancing has been a form of social interaction and physical activity even before organized martial arts. That is why dancing has come to be part of today’s exercise movement. Not only can you experience a great workout, you can elevate your mood and expand your social network, as long as you have the right dance shoes.


Types of Dance

There are as many types of dance in this world as there are cultures. Each sub-group has dances they enjoy. General categories of dance include:

  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Swing
  • Modern
  • Hip-hop
  • Latin
  • Folk
  • Flamenco
  • Belly
  • Country and Western
  • Ballroom

Formal Dances

Ballet and ballroom dancing are often considered to be the “formal” dancing that people participate in. These are the dance steps that are taught uniformly all over the world.

Cultural Dances

There are actually far more cultural dances than there are formal dances. Flamenco, belly, Latin, hip-hop, and jazz dancing all have their particular, documented “moves” that can be taught in classes. Many of these are outgrowth of cultural expressions and a response to the native music of each country of origin.

Era Dances

Swing dancing is a perfect example of a dance from a particular era. While some formal dances fit into this category as well, era dances typically were popular for a short time, then wore out their welcome, so to speak. Swing dancing is different from these, in that it is popular to this day. The Charleston, the Twist, and the pavane are seldom used today, but shaped the eras in which they were popular.

Why Dance?

So, why do we dance? There have been, predictably, studies done on the effects of dancing. What may not be so predictable is the psychological results of dancing. While we know that exercise boosts the mood, these studies have shown that dancing has a particularly power effect on levels of anxiety, superior to that of other forms of exercise. In fact, dance therapy has proven to be effective in treating people suffering from PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Movement and Music

Part of the benefit of dance stems from the physical discipline necessary. Whether you are participating in a line dance or more strenuous waltz, the right brain and left brain all must work together to bring the body into alignment and balance, all in time to music. In the case of partner dances, the social and physical contact has desired effects on the physiology.

So, consider taking up dancing as a hobby. It’s a great way to help your outlook and your body at the same time.


Finding The Right Translation Service

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Language services and translation can be crucial to running a successful business. The popularity of apps, for instance, has extended the reach of businesses in ways the founders may have never anticipated. Once you begin marketing in different countries, your website may need translation.



Communicating in another language is more than just a word-for-word translation of content. It must involve interpretation, as well. No matter how professional your writing is, there will be an idiom here and there that simply does not translate properly into other languages. Translation must be integrated with the local dialects and include business lingo that communicates flawlessly, rather than leaving the customer guessing at what you mean. With fully involved translation, you can train workers, establish satellite businesses, and serve your customers efficiently and professionally.

Legal Clarity


Many of the problems that businesses face are in regards to legality of business practices in foreign countries. In these cases, even a small error can prove to be catastrophic. A qualified translator who knows the nuances of each language being translated will be aware of any misunderstanding or mis-communication, quickly correcting errors for the safety of all involved.

Legal clarity is important in both spoken and written communications. Legal documents must be studied, which can be confusing enough, but when they are in a foreign language, it is even harder. A skilled translator can study the document and explain its significance according to both common and civil law systems. You want to find legal translators who are certified in the field, with certification in Public Service Interpreting.

Another area in which you may need legal interpreting is in court cases. Arbitrations and prison visits, too, need a skilled and knowledgeable translator on board to protect your personnel and assets in any particular region.

Cultural Understanding

Marketing your business in another country requires not only savvy understanding of the language, you need experts in culture, as well. While your company name may be powerful in your native country, it may lose its power when translated to another language. Not only is it possible that your company name will undergo a change, the website and marketing copy will need to be rewritten to portray the business that foreign customers will respect. Even the names you have on foreign bank accounts will make a difference, both culturally and legally. Your brand, marketing, and public relations all depend on “speaking the language” of your target group and presenting an image to which they can identify. Even your apps can be translated for maximum effect.


You can find some website plug-ins that will do translations for you. While helpful on a casual, pen-pal type basis, these services cannot offer the often complex technical acuity required for conducting business. In those cases, you need a translation company. You might be able to find a translation angency in London to do just this type of translation. These companies can help to localize your business on foreign soil and in foreign cyberspace.