Buying Porch Furniture

Porch furniture can make or break your garden. If you have a porch, you don’t want to leave it all empty and bland do you? You want to make sure that you’re friends can sit out there with you on a nice hot summers day, and that you can drink a nice cold tonic water […]

Rising Cost Of Parenting

The cost of parenting is rising dramatically, with everything getting more expensive to produce the consumers are the ones getting hit the hardest. It’s been researched that to raise a child from 0 – 21 will cost a parent up to 218,000 pounds. Now that is expensive,especially that this doesn’t even include the time you […]

Well, look at that! My very own blog!

Hello everyone, My name is Nina and this will be my new home for venting about my shopping habits, what’s hot and what’s not! I can talk about shopping for hours, whether it be clothes, electronics, kitchen appliances and even baby essentials! I basically wanted a space where I could give my opinion and advice […]