5 Places To Pick Up Your Timber

Your choice of timber for your next project can make all the difference in its success or failure. Timber improperly cured will warp, cup, and split, ruining your furniture or flooring. Kiln-dried timber is the best, but only if it has been dried to the right humidity levels for your area. For example, timber dried to suit the ambient humidity of Dorset will split and ruin in the Nevada desert. If timber is overdried, when you use it in the UK, it will absorb moisture from the ambient air and swell, which is just as destructive to your goals. You may also have an issue regarding the use of sustainable timber as opposed to old-growth. Another issue may be supply and delivery. With these in mind, you may enjoy this list of places to pick up your timber in the UK. These suppliers are ranked highly in the quality, sustainability, and customer service by hobbyists and construction companies.

B & Q Timber


One of the biggest timber suppliers in the UK is B & Q Timber. They offer parts for staircases and decorative mouldings, as well as fine wood for furniture. You can find sheet wood and sawn timber here, too. They offer a wide variety of softwood timbers for framing, and sheet wood for sheathing. Besides wood, timber, and trim, you can get valuable training on any number of woodworking and building projects. They also sell hardware, lighting, security equipment, plumbing fixtures, flooring, tile, and many different interior decorating finishes.



Another of the biggest home improvement chains in the UK is Wickes. As with B & Q, you can find anything you need for building or renovating your home, or working in your garden. Their timber is high quality, selected and prepared for this part of the world so that you shouldn’t have any problems with incorrect moisture content. Their customer service receives fairly high rankings, with delivery listed as being timely and courteous. Large orders of timber should be made with plenty of time for fulfilling the order.

Code 6


One of the top suppliers of home grown Western Red Cedar is Code 6. Red Cedar is a sustainable product, and most of the timber sold here is grown right in the South Western part of England. A slightly smaller company that the two mentioned above, Code 6 still delivers across the UK, receiving good reviews for timeliness and customer service. The timber they provide comes in a wide selection of edging, including tongue and groove, Bead and butt, feather edge, shiplap cladding, and channel cladding. Red cedar is a durable product that withstands weather and will not rot. Their timber Somerset is graded and dried specifically for the UK, and large orders are accepted.

Timber Store


The Timber Store UK is another home improvement superstore that can keep you furnished with timber, plumbing, paving, and other elements necessary for building.

Buying timber for your next project is exciting. When you find the right timber store, you’ll probably go back for your next project.