Alternatives To Fatcamp

Fat camps are becoming a popular talking point among overweight people, I think the popularity from television shows such as “the biggest loser” might be part of it, but the main thing about this programme is that it shows results. We all know the endless diets and yo-yo weight loss that overweight people face every day, so why aren’t we seeing more people using these types of facility?

I believe that overweight people are afraid of the vigorous attitude that a fat camp trainer can have, but this is part of the process. A trainer that can really make you work is a trainer that needs to have your respect, and acting like a drill sergeant can usually have that effect. Of course this is mainly all TV propaganda, not all trainers are like that, but you assume because “you’ve seen it on TV”.

There are alternatives to the fatcamps that you see on the television, for instance in Devon near where I live we have a place called Yeotown. This is not your ordinary fat camp, I would say it is more of a health retreat or yoga retreat. They do activities like hiking and and cycling all through the beautiful countryside of Devon, and they only serve healthy food. It’s interesting because the way Yeotown work is they help you to change the way you think about food. So even when you get back from a week long stay, you’ll still be trying to eat healthily.