Bloch Dancewear

Dancers put a lot of time and sweat equity into their passion. Whether dance is a profession or an avocation for you, you invest hours of practice, moments of performance, and often a lifetime of sweat equity into dancing. As with any other profession, hobby, or exercise regimen, you will have a wardrobe specified especially for your dance activities. Whether you prefer jazz, ballet, tap, or any other style of dancing, your wardrobe should be adequate for the job, giving support where you need it and staying out of the way of your movements. Bloch Dancewear has been providing dancers with wardrobe needs from the ground up since 1932.

Bloch Website

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If you haven’t visited the Bloch Dancewear website yet, you should. It is very easy to navigate, with a stylish and sophisticated layout. The drop-down menu across the top has plenty of choices in each category, from fashion apparel to dance and fashion shoes, and even products for babies.

You can even select the country in which you live, so that languages and pries are in your native language. The site search will take you to just about any section you want, and will refer you to designer clothing or specific genre clothing.


The shoes you wear during training and performance are crucial to your success. Bloch Dancewear can supply you and your entire studio with dance shoes. Ballet flats by every dancewear designer are available, as well as pointe shoes. In fact, Bloch is proud to announce the newest technology in ballet shoes with the Syncrony brand, which not only stretches, it enhances your foot shape while you are dancing .

In addition to a full complement of ballet shoes you can also find jazz shoes, both for teaching, practice, and performance.

Split Sole sneakers are available for those into dance fitness. You’ll be amazed at the ease with which you can dance in sneakers, and whether you use them for dance or for dance fitness, Bloch has the sneakers for you.

Stage shoes and tap shoes add to the selection. Your performance will go smoothly with professional shoes that aid your movements, rather than impeding them.

They even can take care of your soles when you go ballroom dancing. Latin dance, too, has certain shodding requirements, all of which can be handled easily by Bloch. Whether you need support, practice shoes or show shoes, Bloch can take care of it.

Dance Apparel


Leotards, pants, tights, even underwear are all in the catalog at Bloch. They are accustomed to dressing everyone from babies to teens and grownups. Your costumes, too, for performances and dress rehearsals are available at the click of a mouse. Warm-up to your workout with their durable warm-up clothes.

Featured Artists

At Bloch, you will find dancewear by some of the biggest names in dance. Maxim Beloserkovsky, Jose Carlos Martinez, Sarah Lamb – all have their lines of dancewear well represented in the catalog at Bloch. Log on today, and you’ll see that this will be your first choice for dancewear.