Buying Garden Ornaments


Buying garden ornaments can make your garden more beautiful and personal than you would ever think. There are many ways to “fix up” your garden, and they can make it more accessible, comfortable, and welcoming than you may have ever thought.

Gazing Balls


Despite the weird name, the gazing ball can be a great accessory to your garden. This is an orb with a mirror-like finish, and evokes the idea of a crystal ball used in fortune telling. The orb can be a made of glass or metal, and can be brightly coloured. The name indicates that one would sit and stare at the ball, rather than the garden. However, the true purpose of the gazing ball is to create a centrepiece in the garden. It can be a spot of colour, adding accent to an area and drawing the eye to a section of the garden. In formal settings, it can act as a centrepiece, sitting in the middle of the garden. In other uses, it can be a spot of colour or light in a dark corner of the garden, automatically giving that corner more significance in the overall structure of the garden.

Water Features


A water feature can bring the sound of flowing water to your garden. This is not only a restful sound, it can also drown out neighbourhood noise quite effectively.

Contrary to what you may think, a water feature does not have to be a formal, three-tiered fountain with a cherub at the top peeing a stream. Those may be great in a large, formal garden, but what about your small patio garden? A wall fountain may be the best solution, wall fountains also look great with Illuminated plant pots UK. Wall fountains are available in every style you can imagine, from lion’s head fountains to slate walls down which water runs to the retaining tank. The flowing water does not attract mosquitoes because they only live in stagnant water.



Statuary is another garden ornament that is popular with many gardeners. But, how much is too much? the answer is with you. Some people want one garden gnome hidden in the shrubbery for the children to find, others want all 7 Dwarves. You may want a St. Francis statue for your bird feeder. many places have a wide assortment of statuary for your garden, all of which can be a great addition.


Benches, tables, and other garden furniture make the garden beautiful and functional. A teak bench located beneath a shade tree, a lounger placed on a sunny deck, or a table and dining chairs on the patio all create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages you and your visitors to enter the garden and enjoy the scenery.



Planters are not always considered a garden ornament as there are inside variants aswell, but garden planters can be just as decorative as any sculpture or water feature. Planters come in a range of different shapes sizes and materials.

Pavers can also make an exciting addition to the garden, River rock, mulch, gravel, and shaped stones, either used exclusively or combined with each other, can lead the eye, and the garden visitor, throughout the garden for beautiful experiences.