Buying Yourself A Camper Van


Have you ever thought about buying yourself a campervan? Not the fanciest of vehicles, but definitely the handiest. Just the ability of being able to stop and camp pretty much anywhere in a comfortable manner is amazing it itself, let alone being able to cook and have your own fridge in there.


I always wanted to pick one up after I saw that you could just go and drive anywhere for a great holiday. Just grab some friends, jump in the van and off you go. Now, there are quite a lot of different styles of camper-van available. You could get one of the old fashioned VW campers from vehicle hire from the days of the beetle and hippies. Infact, you don’t even need to buy an old vehicle, A factory in brazil still manufactures the VW Camper, so you could have a brand new one!

There are also such things as campervan conversions. These conversions are basically standard vans, bought by a company who then convert and fit the interior such as a sink, fridge and even and oven. They put a bed in and by the end of it, you have yourself a fully converted campervan!