Buying Garden Ornaments

  Buying garden ornaments can make your garden more beautiful and personal than you would ever think. There are many ways to “fix up” your garden, and they can make it more accessible, comfortable, and welcoming than you may have ever thought. Gazing Balls Despite the weird name, the gazing ball can be a great […]

Treating A Lawn With Problems

A beautiful lawn is a benefit to the ecosystem, but lawn maintenance can be a mystery. Why won’t grass grow in THAT SPOT? Why are there brown spots on the grass? Why are there big dead circles in the lawn? Here are some tips for treating a lawn with problems. Aeration You may have trouble […]

Why You Should Get A Plant

Are you a plant person? Do you currently have any plants inside of your home?  I know a fair few people who don’t have a plant in sight. It’s actually pretty bad to not have plants in your home, it is well known that indoor air is actually much more polluted than the air you […]