Should You Choose a B&B or a Hotel?

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, finding the proper lodging is important. However, with so much choice, should you think about a bed and breakfast over a hotel? Cost Among the biggest benefits of choosing a bed and breakfast above a resort is the cost. As bed and breakfasts are often family-run, they offer […]

Getting Your Lawn Ready For The Summer

The long, frozen winter of 2014-2015 is finally roaring to a close, and the thoughts of avid gardeners are turning to the outdoors. Spring bulbs are blooming, and there may be just a hint of green beneath the dry, brittle thatch of last year’s lawn. So, check the air in the wheelbarrow tyre, and make […]

5 Ideas For Building With Timber

To paraphrase an old pearl of wisdom, I would say “Give me a piece of furniture, and I have furniture. Give me a circular saw and some timber, and I have an avocation.” Working with timber is one of the most satisfying hobbies and/or careers a person can perform. I helped my dad build the […]

Why A Weight Loss Retreat Might Be Your Best Option

Losing weight is such a pain, sometimes, isn’t it? People get sick to death of trying to lose weight, and with winter and the holiday seasons approaching, we often feel like we are in a no-win situation. Even any exercise regimen we may have started is disrupted with the change in the weather, and colder […]

Cultural Diversity Encouraged By One Direction

This may seem a bit out of place on my shopping blog but I absolutely love One Direction! Singer Harry Styles knows how to make a “splash” whether it is through singing or “whale spouting” during a particular song. This week, however, he took his showmanship one step further in wishing everyone an enjoyable Eid […]

Why An Adventure Activity Holiday Makes A Perfect Gift

Planning a special holiday is a lot of fun. You may be anticipating your own 10 year wedding anniversary, or a graduation gift. Maybe you want to pitch in for a retirement trip for someone special, or a honeymoon for the newly-weds. Regardless of the occasion, don’t overlook the fun of an adventure activity holiday […]

Looking For A Short Break? Try A Bed And Breakfast

If you are looking for a short break, consider a bed and breakfast. You can have all of the amenities of a fine hotel, without the crowding and activity. Busy Holidays My last holiday was somewhat short of restful. Although I had requested a room on an upper floor of the hotel, there was still […]

Lingerie As A Gift

Bit of a saucy topic this time round, we’re getting to that christmassy time again. Lots of gifts to buy and hopefully lots of gifts to receive. It’s always better to be on the receiving end, that’s what I always say. But have you ever received blushhh lingerie as a gift, and what was your […]

Shopping For A loved One, Some Ideas…

Shopping for a family member, your boyfriend, or whoever can be a difficult job. There are so many things to buy these days that it’s difficult to know where to start. Well, let’s have a look at some interesting ideas that might be helpful to you. Meals The way I worded it may not make […]

Keeping Up With Ladies Fashion

  Fashion is constantly evolving, and its a wonder that anyone even keeps up with the rates that things change. If you’ve tried following fashion before, you will most likely know what I’m talking about. I’ve been keeping tabs on the upcoming winter fashion lines, as you know I like my shopping and I thought […]