Finding The Right Translation Service


Language services and translation can be crucial to running a successful business. The popularity of apps, for instance, has extended the reach of businesses in ways the founders may have never anticipated. Once you begin marketing in different countries, your website may need translation.



Communicating in another language is more than just a word-for-word translation of content. It must involve interpretation, as well. No matter how professional your writing is, there will be an idiom here and there that simply does not translate properly into other languages. Translation must be integrated with the local dialects and include business lingo that communicates flawlessly, rather than leaving the customer guessing at what you mean. With fully involved translation, you can train workers, establish satellite businesses, and serve your customers efficiently and professionally.

Legal Clarity


Many of the problems that businesses face are in regards to legality of business practices in foreign countries. In these cases, even a small error can prove to be catastrophic. A qualified translator who knows the nuances of each language being translated will be aware of any misunderstanding or mis-communication, quickly correcting errors for the safety of all involved.

Legal clarity is important in both spoken and written communications. Legal documents must be studied, which can be confusing enough, but when they are in a foreign language, it is even harder. A skilled translator can study the document and explain its significance according to both common and civil law systems. You want to find legal translators who are certified in the field, with certification in Public Service Interpreting.

Another area in which you may need legal interpreting is in court cases. Arbitrations and prison visits, too, need a skilled and knowledgeable translator on board to protect your personnel and assets in any particular region.

Cultural Understanding

Marketing your business in another country requires not only savvy understanding of the language, you need experts in culture, as well. While your company name may be powerful in your native country, it may lose its power when translated to another language. Not only is it possible that your company name will undergo a change, the website and marketing copy will need to be rewritten to portray the business that foreign customers will respect. Even the names you have on foreign bank accounts will make a difference, both culturally and legally. Your brand, marketing, and public relations all depend on “speaking the language” of your target group and presenting an image to which they can identify. Even your apps can be translated for maximum effect.


You can find some website plug-ins that will do translations for you. While helpful on a casual, pen-pal type basis, these services cannot offer the often complex technical acuity required for conducting business. In those cases, you need a translation company. You might be able to find a translation angency in London to do just this type of translation. These companies can help to localize your business on foreign soil and in foreign cyberspace.