How Add Class To Your Home With Designer Plant Pots


Flower pots can do far more than simply hold plants. They can add a touch of whimsy, sophistication, or classic styling to the spaces they occupy. They can keep your plants alive while you are on holiday, and protect your furniture from overspill. The contents of flower pots, if you choose live plants, can actually improve the air quality in your home. With the studies available showing that plants cleanse the air and humidify the atmosphere of the home, more and more people want to add potted plants to their home and office décor. Here are some ways to add class to your home with designer plant pots.

Lechuza Planters


Lechuza makes a series of plant pots that save water. These attractive pots can be used indoors or outdoors, and come in a variety of colors. There are even table-top planters, now, that conserve water by providing a sub-irrigation method that waters your plants whenever you can’t. You can actually go 3 months without watering your plants, because the pot does it for you. It has a water level marker on the side, that looks very stylish. The modern lines will blend very well with your home’s interior, if you like the clean lines of minimalist styling. If your home is in the modern or industrial style, with clean lines, hard surfaces, and minimal fabric, these planters will look like they are in their natural habitat. This is a great way to add the natural touch of plants to a décor style that can tend to look sterile and unwelcoming.

Lighted Planters

Do you need a night light somewhere in your home? Perhaps you would like to illuminate the sidewalk or patio, but don’t want a lot of clutter. There are many designer plant pots that incorporate lighting in various creative ways. Some pots use battery-operated lighting, while others allow you to plug the pot in to generate light. If you elect to use the latter, make sure it is UL listed for outdoor use. These lighted plant pots can provide ambient light in a room, helping to set a mood or simply keep people from wracking their shins on furniture. Outdoors, they can be used to create destination points in the garden, highlight specimen plants or mark the edge of a deck.

Robert Allen Planters

Robert Allen Home provides useful and attractive designer plant pots that are lightweight and pretty. They are available in an assortment of colors, and quite affordable. These PVC pots contain their own incorporated catch-basin, protecting your furniture and flooring from overwatering.


Veradek Planters

Veradek also provides pots that have incorporated catch-basins. These pots are sleek and stylish, with a dressy look for people with more classic or modern tastes.

Griffith Creek Designers

From Griffith Creek Designers, you have a more rustic appearing whiskey barrel style pot. For all appearances, this is a ½ whiskey barrel, but it is in one piece so that it doesn’t come apart.

Designer pots are available in every style, and in many materials.