How Sheepskin Can Save The World

Ok, well maybe that’s a little overstated, but sheepskin is, truly, one of the most versatile products in the fabric industry. Where else can you find a product that will keep your feet warm, and save the lives of Sherpa at the same time?

Hollow Fibers
pure sheepskin is, actually, made up of hollow fibers. This means that the fibers absorb and hold the temperature around them. If you are wearing sheepskin against your own skin, it will absorb the temperature of your skin, and hold it. This not only keeps you warm in the winter, it will, surprisingly, keep you cool in the summer. It will wick heat away from your body, and allow it to dissipate, depending on the construction of the garment. Those hollow fibers can make a significant difference in your body temperature partly by disbursing sweat into the air, cooling your body. In fact, it works several times faster than most man-made fabrics. While that might make for a more comfortable commute from home to work, it can be a life-saving element for those who actually work in the weather. Even in freezing weather, workmen will sweat. This sweat can freeze on the skin, creating frostbite hazards. Sheepskin will wick the moisture away from the skin, keeping it safe.

Cushion and Cure
People who work with sheep know the curative qualities of lanolin. Sheepskin is rich with lanolin, and has been found to provide a salve for rashes and scrapes. Extracted lanolin is one of the most curative salves on the market, often found in the brand name Corona. It’s used for everything from diaper rash to poison ivy exposure. The lanolin in sheepskin is quite similar to natural oils in our skin, so that if there is an inflamed area on your skin, lanolin will help heal the spot. It’s as if your body is able to go into overdrive to produce its own natural oils.
Lanolin, found in sheepskin, is also a natural antibacterial. This makes it one of the fastest growing products used in hospitals – especially in nurseries. Bacteria and viruses won’t grow in sheepskin, so it’s much safer for use in medical facilities. For your home use, you’ll find that it is self-cleaning. All you have to do is hang the item in fresh air, and odors and soil in the fibers will slough off.

As a cushion, sheepskin is invaluable in infant’s incubators. The babies gain weight more quickly, some think because of the stimulation of skin against skin. The lanolin is soothing, too, which creates a win-win situation for preemies.
Even the aerospace and electronics industries, have discovered the value of sheepskin. Since this product does not carry an electrical charge, it is invaluable in use for cushions and clothing for those who work with highly flammable materials. When the chance of a static charge may cause ignition of volatile fumes, sheepskin is a natural choice for comfort and safety.