Looking For A Short Break? Try A Bed And Breakfast

If you are looking for a short break, consider a bed and breakfast. You can have all of the amenities of a fine hotel, without the crowding and activity.
Busy Holidays

My last holiday was somewhat short of restful. Although I had requested a room on an upper floor of the hotel, there was still a floor above us. Unluckily for us, a family reunion had reserved the entire floor, and the constant tramping, running, and door slamming was not conducive to a restful night. For a nice hotel, our stay was not so nice. Breakfast the next morning was similarly noxious, as the restaurant was full of people at an early hours, and children were running everywhere.
It was a relief to get out of the hotel and onto the streets for our shopping trip. Later, we ventured into the countryside for a lovely stroll on nature trails. We did not want to return to our noisy hotel room. Of course, we couldn’t use the hotel hot tub, because it was overrun.

Bed and Breakfast

On the next weekend trip, we decided to try something new. We selected a Somerset accommodation in a small town. This was actually a farmhouse that had been converted to a B&B so that the owners could maintain possession of their property.
The stay was, to say the least, heavenly. There was one other couple staying in this charming house, and they were on the other side of the structure. Our hosts spoiled us with quality meals that took into account our low-sodium diet. Not only that, our room had a private garden. That’s right – A PRIVATE GARDEN! There was a bird bath with all kinds of wildlife around, and in the mornings we could hear the lowing of cattle in the barn as they awaited their morning milking.
I know it sounds like a fairy tale. But since we have been won over to Bed and Breakfasts, we have discovered that this is more often the scenario than not. Owners of B&Bs often will consider dietary needs of their guests, because there are, typically, few guests. In addition, the country setting of many B&Bs means you have access to the parks, moors, and heaths, along with nature trails, without the struggle with traffic.

City B&Bs

You can even find B&Bs in the city, and believe it or not, it will feel like you’re in the country. These houses are often just a few blocks from all of the action, yet sequestered in quiet old residential neighborhoods. Within minutes of your room is all of the city activity you want.


B&Bs are often characterized as cramped, over-furnished bedrooms with floral print on everything. Many expect the bathroom to be down the hall. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is literally a “cottage industry”, and your room will probably be furnished tastefully, according to some kind of theme, and have a state of the art private bathroom attached.
So, for your next short stay, try a bed and breakfast.