Rising Cost Of Parenting

The cost of parenting is rising dramatically, with everything getting more expensive to produce the consumers are the ones getting hit the hardest. It’s been researched that to raise a child from 0 – 21 will cost a parent up to 218,000 pounds. Now that is expensive,especially that this doesn’t even include the time you take off of work to look after your child. Many parents have admitted to cutting back on their own expenditure to raise a child.

So how do you save money when raising a child? It’s simple, budget.


Saving money with kids is difficult, from day trips to buying nappies, cost cutting can really save you an arm or a leg. One thing that really costs money is when your child literally begs you to buy something for them. You need to learn how to say no and only buy big gifts on a special occasions. I can assure you you will most likely be pestered for Wiis, playstations and xboxes but you must be firm.
If your child is only a baby you do not have to worry about the begging just yet but saving money on baby supplies and baby toys would be ideal. Look online for your products and use some price comparison websites, you should be able to save a fair bit of money this way.