Shops That Just Don’t Hit The Spot!

I’ve found that some shops just aren’t specialist enough for some peoples needs. There needs to be shops that carry everything even down to the smallest items. I know, I know, I’m fully aware that shops cant stock absolutely everything! And if they did, it would be one heck of a big shop! But what I mean is, if I’m heading to a hardware store for something like some thread chasers or something a bit niche like some end mills then I am most likely just not going to find what I am after. I find that these hardware stores (even the big ones) are looking to sell the regular nuts and bolts for standard DIY, and I’m forced into buying my bits and pieces from online websites.

I actually found a great website the other day that seemed to cater to all of my needs, Tracy Tools had a wide selection of thread chasers and end mills for me to pick from, and now my workshop is fully functional again.

There is nothing quite like being able to fix anything that I want to, and that’s where having a fully functioning workshop comes in handy. I’ve always wanted to have one but finding the parts a pieces I need is always a struggle. Well, not any more!