Sports To Help You Lose Weight!

As well as shopping, I like to keep fit, that’s why I’ve written this post about sports to help you lose weight!

Lots of people fail to lose weight because they dont like the thought of exercising to lose weight. If you spend to much timing your workouts and checking the scales you will eventually give up, that’s a fact. What you need to do is make sure that you keep reguar exercise, in different ways. Now, I find the best way to do this is with different sports.

Sports is a fantastic way to exercise, for one it takes your mind off of what you are doing, and for 2 it a highly entertaining and competitive way to lose weight.


Tennis is a great way to lose weight due to it’s competitive nature, you’ll be so hell bent on winning that you’ll forget that you’re even doing exercise. If you have a friend who enjoys battling it out on the court then why not make it a weekly thing? Grab your tennis racquets and start playing some tennis!


Now squash is a similar type of game, fast moving and highly competetive. This could be another way to get fit with a friend or two. Squash on one day and tennis on another will get you fit as a fiddle in no time!

Sports for yourself

Now if you’re a bit of a loner and have no friends to play with, why not head on down to the beach and give surfing a go? Its a highly entertaining sport with a steep learning curve, you might not be great straight away, but it sure as hell will be fun! One thing about surfing is it can be quite pricey to buy all the equiptment. But as long as you find the right surf shop, you should have no problem at all.