The Solution To Drying Your Clothes Indoors

I grew up back in the dark ages – we washed dishes by hand, watched 3 channels on our black and white TV, and hung our laundry on a clothesline to dry – outdoors! When I was a kid, only rich people had clothes dryers. Now that I’m all grown up, I have gone back to my roots, drying my clothes indoors with racks.


There was always a problem with bugs on our clothes when they hung on the clothesline. We always wore light colored clothes, because they didn’t seem to fade as badly in the sunlight. And, the clothes pins left a mark that wouldn’t go away, unless we ironed the clothes.

A New Dryer

It was a big day in our house when Mom got an electric clothes dryer. While Mom still hung our bedsheets out to dry, everything else went into the dryer. And, I must say, I loved it. No more bugs, no more clothespin marks, no more fading.

Clothes Maid Racks

Fast forward 30 years, and guess what? I’m hanging my clothes up to dry, again on a clothesmaid of all things! But I must say, it is a whole lot better, now. There are no bugs, no clamp marks, no fading, and my clothes keep their shape so much better than they ever have! In addition, my utility bills are lower.

Easy Maintenance

One of the reasons I looked for an alternative to using a dryer all the time was the upkeep my dryer required. Call me lazy, but trying to “snake” the link out of the vent was a problem for me. The first time I did it, I poked a hole in the flex hose. After that, the dust from the dryer would coat
the wall behind the dryer.
That’s not to mention the mouse that got into the house through the dryer vent. Now I know that you have to put a cover over that hole in the wall.

Extended Clothes Life

My more delicate clothes last a lot longer, now that they are not being tossed around in the dryer. I lay them out on the drying racks, and they look great and don’t get frayed. Now, I have a place to dry my sweaters, too! The kids are glad that they don’t have to come home to sweaters laid out on their beds, with towels under them.


For years, I had avoided using the accordion-fold drying racks so popular with college students. I avoided them partly because they took up too much room, and partly because the kids were always knocking them over. But my new racks look terrific hanging in my laundry room. When I don’t have clothes draped over them, they look absolutely decorative hanging there. I can even hang flowers to dry. Mom got one to hang in her kitchen as a pot rack. Some of them are curved, and some are flat, so you can use them as a shelf.

So, dark ages aside, I still like drying some things in the house.