Treating A Lawn With Problems

A beautiful lawn is a benefit to the ecosystem, but lawn maintenance can be a mystery. Why won’t grass grow in THAT SPOT? Why are there brown spots on the grass? Why are there big dead circles in the lawn? Here are some tips for treating a lawn with problems.


You may have trouble with sections of your lawn that do not ever seem to get covered with grass. There may be a simple lawn treatment to this. That area of the soil may just need aeration.

Some sections of the garden or lawn that are barren are often just packed down and need to be aerated. You can do this with a motorized machine that looks much like a reel-type mower. Or, you can use an aerator punch that you stand on to poke holes in the soil.

Grub Worms

If you have June bugs, then you have grub worms. Grubs are the larvae of June bugs, and they eat the roots of grass. Those big bare spots in your lawn are probably grubs that have hatched from a June bug’s egg sac.

There are chemicals that will kill the grub worms. Then, your lawn can begin to spread back over the bare spot. It helps to keep those spots moist to encourage runners from your lawn grasses to take root.

Brown Spots

Brown spots in the lawn are usually caused by pets. They use the bathroom on the grass, and the urea or feces kill the grass in that area. Some lawn care companies sell a chemical that can help the grass recover in those brown spots. The quickest and best way to treat those areas is to remove any feces, and, with a water hose, hose feces and urea off of the area, diluting it so that it does not damage the blades of grass.

Brown Tips

You have been so careful to fertilize at the right time, and aerate the soil, and keep the kids and pets off of the grass, but the tips of the grass blades are still brown. This is especially bad after you mow.

To keep brown tips from marring your beautiful lawn, sharpen the mower blade. A dull mower blade will tear up the grass tips, rather than slicing neatly through.

You also need to raise your mower. Cutting the grass too close to the ground will burn the tips of the grass blades, and by raising your mower, you can keep the grass healthy.

Finally, to combat brown tips, lightly sprits your lawn with water after mowing. This will moisturize the tips of the grass that have been cut, and they will heal more quickly. Misting will keep the grass from burning.

With a sharp mower blade, correct height, and a sprits of water, you can keep your lawn nice and green, rather than brown looking.

For other problems, you may need to consult with a landscape specialist. He or she can give you advice on laying pavers for pet trails, and other such situations.