When’s The Right Time For A Hair Appointment?

I always find it hard to get the timings right for my hair and beauty appointments, sometimes the hair is just getting too long and out of control and I need to get myself down to somewhere that does hair and beauty Weston Super Mare. There are other reasons for it too, I am getting married in around a years time and I want my hair to grow some more!

My hair has been stuck at this annoying length for so long it will be interesting to see whether I can get the problem fixed. I have split ends and basically, it is preventing my hair from getting to shoulder height, so I will need to go to a salon and get the tips treated and trimmed to help them grow longer in the future. I will also need to be careful about straightening my hair as it can be damaged easily with heat, so it might be best to use a special protecting serum as well as straightening my hair less frequently.

I also need to test for different styles over the next coming months to see what will look best when I get into that white dress. This doesn’t just include my hair, I need to experiment with some styles for my nails as well, if there is something that could be an improvement over my original idea of clear nail varnish then I will have to have a look and see.