Why An Adventure Activity Holiday Makes A Perfect Gift

Planning a special holiday is a lot of fun. You may be anticipating your own 10 year wedding anniversary, or a graduation gift. Maybe you want to pitch in for a retirement trip for someone special, or a honeymoon for the newly-weds. Regardless of the occasion, don’t overlook the fun of an adventure activity holiday for those lucky people! Why settle for a mere cruise, when you can send them zip-lining in Costa Rica?

Zip Lining

Well, you don’t actually have to go zip lining in Costa Rica, although the Arenal Volcano Park in Costa Rica does have a fabulous opportunity. Every country has zipline activities, often as a package that includes jeep tours and kayaking. The great feature about this is that most ziplines now involve a full harness that keeps the tourist safely strapped to the line – as they travel up to 30 miles an hour across a canyon!



Believe it or not, you do not have to be in peak physical shape to go kayaking. This simple pleasure is available at most holiday destinations, I very much love Kayaking in North Devon and can be a welcomed relief from crushing crowds. A kayaking adventure trip can be as challenging or as easy as the traveler wants, with plenty of cool lagoons and calm springs to kayak through. Of course, the white water rivers see their fair share of action, too! So consider a kayaking adventure trip as a gift.


Don’t make that face! Yes, you, too, can surf! Surfing is not just for the buff, sunburned flower children of the 60s. Everybody surfs these days, mostly because people have learned to enjoy the ocean without feeling the need to compete. Boogie boards, bun boards, short boards, long boards, all combine with on-the-spot instruction to teach you how to paddle out to meet the waves and ride the swells of water back to shore. It’s not nearly as hard as you might think, and it gets you into the water as more than a wader or fisherman. Probably 60% of surfers never actually stand up on their boards. They just paddle out, and ride back. It’s great exercise, and fun.


Now you are getting into the more demanding of activity holidays. Coasteering may actually involve more physical strength and stamina that surfing or kayaking. That’s because you have to be prepared to swim, climb and hike, usually all in the same outing.
With coasteering, you will probably need a wet suit and some floaters, because as you travel the coastline, you’ll undoubtedly have to do some swimming – some of it through rather rough surf. You should also travel with a group, because you could be in some dangerous situations without help. If you don’t think you are going to get wet on this trip, you are not coasteering.
Since part of the activities including scrambling up cliffs and climbing rock faces, you’ll need good rock climbing shoes. Of course, the payoff is getting to jump off that cliff into the waters below.
There are some adventure activity holidays suitable for everyone on your list. Give it a try!