Buying Yourself A Camper Van

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Have you ever thought about buying yourself a campervan? Not the fanciest of vehicles, but definitely the handiest. Just the ability of being able to stop and camp pretty much anywhere in a comfortable manner is amazing it itself, let alone being able to cook and have your own fridge in there.


I always wanted to pick one up after I saw that you could just go and drive anywhere for a great holiday. Just grab some friends, jump in the van and off you go. Now, there are quite a lot of different styles of camper-van available. You could get one of the old fashioned VW campers from vehicle hire from the days of the beetle and hippies. Infact, you don’t even need to buy an old vehicle, A factory in brazil still manufactures the VW Camper, so you could have a brand new one!

There are also such things as campervan conversions. These conversions are basically standard vans, bought by a company who then convert and fit the interior such as a sink, fridge and even and oven. They put a bed in and by the end of it, you have yourself a fully converted campervan!

Gates For The Garden

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Gates for your garden don’t have to always be plain and boring. Therese a common problem around our area and that is, people are always buying the same items for their gardens. We live in a quaint little town and unfortunately the selection of shops is not the best, we only have a few, and those don’t have the greatest selection in the world. This causes the problem that there is just no originality in our garden decoration, that is until I discovered

I managed to order myself a bespoke gate and a garage door which truly looked original, it took the town by storm and now everybody is ordering items from the internet and letting their originality shine through.

The internet is a huge thing and the way it can make items previously unavailable to the area available, is truly remarkable. I think at some point in the future, we may actually see the end of brick and mortar shops.

Shopping For A Website

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Web companies aren’t always the most trusted in the world, I’ve heard many stories of problems people have had from choosing the wrong company. There are lots of companies to choose from, how do you know you are going to make the right choice? Well, first of all I would suggest that you scout your local area for companies within the vicinity.

Local companies should give you that extra level of trust as you can pop in at any point and see what is happening with your website. Trust is a big issue with some people, they might have had cowboys previously and this has caused great stress when dealing with new companies. If you don’t like the idea of a local company, the next thing to look at would be to choose a well known company, a company that has lots of positive reviews and feedback. You need a good company and need to do lots of research, Research is important, and this is a job that may cost you a lot of money.

After dealing with a few small businesses you become quick to understand how vulnerable they are when making these types of decisions. One common online mishap that is made by many small businesses is making the poor decision over their website SEO, leaving it to someone unqualified who can essentially ruin your website reputation. This has happened numerous times in the past, often when you decide to outsource the service overseas. Because SEO is a very in-depth process tactics can change quite frequently, and when outsourcing the service you get what works now…not what will continue to work 5 years down the line.
If you are unsure of what is being delivered in your service then dont get carried away by an amazing price (its often too good to be true) but look for more information, see if they know what they are doing, have experience with successful clients, testimonials and case studies can be a great help too!

Choosing the correct web design company is highly important, make sure you don’t make a mistake or it could cost you lots in the long run.

Shops That Just Don’t Hit The Spot!

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I’ve found that some shops just aren’t specialist enough for some peoples needs. There needs to be shops that carry everything even down to the smallest items. I know, I know, I’m fully aware that shops cant stock absolutely everything! And if they did, it would be one heck of a big shop! But what I mean is, if I’m heading to a hardware store for something like some thread chasers or something a bit niche like some end mills then I am most likely just not going to find what I am after. I find that these hardware stores (even the big ones) are looking to sell the regular nuts and bolts for standard DIY, and I’m forced into buying my bits and pieces from online websites.

I actually found a great website the other day that seemed to cater to all of my needs, Tracy Tools had a wide selection of thread chasers and end mills for me to pick from, and now my workshop is fully functional again.

There is nothing quite like being able to fix anything that I want to, and that’s where having a fully functioning workshop comes in handy. I’ve always wanted to have one but finding the parts a pieces I need is always a struggle. Well, not any more!

Get Back To Work And Start Shopping Again!

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If your out of work and looking for a job your most likely depressed, I was when I was unable to continue my shopping habits after the company I worked for shut down. You have most likely already looked at and/or completely used up most of the job posting websites. Sites like Jobsite, Monster, total jobs, and jobs24 can all be great resources but eventually still not giving you the results you require. Have you looked at trying out the more niche websites? There are websites around that cater to all of those other specific industries.

For instance, I came across a website the other day that did searches on security industry related jobs. I mean, if you’re interested in doing anything within the security sector its worth a shot right? The site is called , they seem pretty good at what they do and have a vast database of jobs available. The had a very informative landing page that I hit when I found the result on google, and it educated me on the training and positions they had.

Alternatives To Fatcamp

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Fat camps are becoming a popular talking point among overweight people, I think the popularity from television shows such as “the biggest loser” might be part of it, but the main thing about this programme is that it shows results. We all know the endless diets and yo-yo weight loss that overweight people face every day, so why aren’t we seeing more people using these types of facility?

I believe that overweight people are afraid of the vigorous attitude that a fat camp trainer can have, but this is part of the process. A trainer that can really make you work is a trainer that needs to have your respect, and acting like a drill sergeant can usually have that effect. Of course this is mainly all TV propaganda, not all trainers are like that, but you assume because “you’ve seen it on TV”.

There are alternatives to the fatcamps that you see on the television, for instance in Devon near where I live we have a place called Yeotown. This is not your ordinary fat camp, I would say it is more of a health retreat or yoga retreat. They do activities like hiking and and cycling all through the beautiful countryside of Devon, and they only serve healthy food. It’s interesting because the way Yeotown work is they help you to change the way you think about food. So even when you get back from a week long stay, you’ll still be trying to eat healthily.

What Products To Buy To Maintain The Garden

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If your looking to put a lot of work into the garden before summer arrives, then you are going to need the right tools for the job. This means that you’re going to have to do one of my favorite things, shopping!

Looking for the right tools for the job might be a fairly difficult experience, it’s about making sure that you pick tools that are A) high quality and B) not overly expensive. The problem with looking for and buying tools is that quite a lot of the time there is just too much choice. First off you have all the big stores like B&Q and Home-base, but now you have the internet too. If you’re looking for the best balance between quality and price, you’re probably best off going to eBay and looking for some second had goods.

Second hand tools should still be of high quality, as long as they are made by a well know manufacturer and not budget tool companies you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Tools are built to be strong and last a long time, but you pay for what you get, so try not to skimp out. You may be able to get advice from your local lawn care franchise, so check up with them and they should be able to help you.

In the end, buying tools shouldn’t be that difficult, to be honest, I just leave all that to my husband!

Sports To Help You Lose Weight!

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As well as shopping, I like to keep fit, that’s why I’ve written this post about sports to help you lose weight!

Lots of people fail to lose weight because they dont like the thought of exercising to lose weight. If you spend to much timing your workouts and checking the scales you will eventually give up, that’s a fact. What you need to do is make sure that you keep reguar exercise, in different ways. Now, I find the best way to do this is with different sports.

Sports is a fantastic way to exercise, for one it takes your mind off of what you are doing, and for 2 it a highly entertaining and competitive way to lose weight.


Tennis is a great way to lose weight due to it’s competitive nature, you’ll be so hell bent on winning that you’ll forget that you’re even doing exercise. If you have a friend who enjoys battling it out on the court then why not make it a weekly thing? Grab your tennis racquets and start playing some tennis!


Now squash is a similar type of game, fast moving and highly competetive. This could be another way to get fit with a friend or two. Squash on one day and tennis on another will get you fit as a fiddle in no time!

Sports for yourself

Now if you’re a bit of a loner and have no friends to play with, why not head on down to the beach and give surfing a go? Its a highly entertaining sport with a steep learning curve, you might not be great straight away, but it sure as hell will be fun! One thing about surfing is it can be quite pricey to buy all the equiptment. But as long as you find the right surf shop, you should have no problem at all.

Buying Porch Furniture

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Porch furniture can make or break your garden. If you have a porch, you don’t want to leave it all empty and bland do you? You want to make sure that you’re friends can sit out there with you on a nice hot summers day, and that you can drink a nice cold tonic water (or whatever’s your fancy).

Choosing the right furniture for you can be a bit of a mystery, you have to make sure that everything works well and that the colours and materials all match. A table and chairs is a must if you’re looking for a social environment. It would be perfect to sit out there with a nice BBQ going in the summer, enjoying food and drink and soaking up some sun too. The furniture you would require would have to have adjustable settings. You would want some reclining chairs that A: Would sit upright at the table nicely B: Recline so that you can lie back and sunbathe.

Tables are a different story, you can usually buy a table and chair set for your garden from a furniture website but that is assuming the chairs will have the functionality that you require. Having a set without it working how you want it could be a nuisance so it’s probably best to avoid these. There are some really great tables if you are looking for solid wooden furniture, But I would suggest using glass or plastic as you want something that can handle the extreme weather of the outdoors.

There are also some nice decorative pieces that you can buy, if you’re interested that is, some people like to leave their porch looking pretty bare bones, but I’m really not a fan of this. Getting some flower blocks or even some plant pots can spice up the porch, just make sure you place them in the right place.

Rising Cost Of Parenting

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The cost of parenting is rising dramatically, with everything getting more expensive to produce the consumers are the ones getting hit the hardest. It’s been researched that to raise a child from 0 – 21 will cost a parent up to 218,000 pounds. Now that is expensive,especially that this doesn’t even include the time you take off of work to look after your child. Many parents have admitted to cutting back on their own expenditure to raise a child.

So how do you save money when raising a child? It’s simple, budget.


Saving money with kids is difficult, from day trips to buying nappies, cost cutting can really save you an arm or a leg. One thing that really costs money is when your child literally begs you to buy something for them. You need to learn how to say no and only buy big gifts on a special occasions. I can assure you you will most likely be pestered for Wiis, playstations and xboxes but you must be firm.
If your child is only a baby you do not have to worry about the begging just yet but saving money on baby supplies and baby toys would be ideal. Look online for your products and use some price comparison websites, you should be able to save a fair bit of money this way.