Should You Choose a B&B or a Hotel?

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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, finding the proper lodging is important. However, with so much choice, should you think about a bed and breakfast over a hotel?

Among the biggest benefits of choosing a bed and breakfast above a resort is the cost. As bed and breakfasts are often family-run, they offer you a competitive choice to hotels — even funding hotels when you book ahead of time. Plus, when you use a cost comparison website such as Toprooms, you will be able to find discounted B&Bs to save even more money.

Unlike chain hotels, where each bedroom looks the same, bed and breakfast in Taunton are centred about individuality. Therefore, if you’re looking for a special getaway where each component of your trip is special, then you may want to consider the advantages of a bed and breakfast resort. Additionally, it’s possible to find a real gem if you look in the right places, so do your search and determine where other men and women stay when they head to your chosen destination.


How can we list the benefits of a bed and breakfast without discussing the most important meal of the day? Sure, resorts are likely to have larger kitchens and accommodate to certain needs, however a traditional Full English from a B&B can’t be beaten. Delicious!

Bed and breakfasts are, quite commonly, located in central locations in key towns and cities across the country. If you’re looking to stay near a conference centre for your business presentation, or you are interested in being near attractions like theme parks with your family, then you may find bed and breakfast lodging convenient.

Whether you’re searching for information on where to dine in the city, or you need a hand choosing something to do on a rainy day, a fantastic bed and breakfast proprietor will become a personal tour guide. It is this level of support that just cannot be replicated in a chain hotel, and it’s a quality that keeps many travelers coming back to the same B&Bs year after year. What’s more, this service may be expanded to other elements of the stay — like a lengthened checkout, bags carrying and even an additional slice or two of bacon!

Supporting the local economy
When you choose to remain in a bed and breakfast, you are encouraging the local economy and making sure that your money remains in the city you’re sleeping in. Most bed and breakfast owners encourage other community business owners, for example florists, dry cleaners and farmers, so you are supporting multiple regional companies by avoiding multinational chain hotels.

In addition to receiving a private service and staying at a building that is full of character and personality, you’re going to have the ability to enjoy a traditional breakfast and also save money on your journey, too. Wherever you are headed, enjoy!

Men And High Street Fashion

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In the event that you are a guy who favors minimalist trend and subtlety, you are living in the best era of fashion. Whereas some women’s trends have changed into a large amount or combined with other fashions, men’s trend has been restored but it’s still common for someone to trace the origins of the original article of clothing. The average man’s appearance could be smart, casual or an extremely present mixture of both.

French Connection UK is one of the more popular high street stores for men’s trend as they stock a broad selection of t- jumpers, cardigans and tops which are essential for the fall wardrobe. In addition they possess a web-based outfit builder so one have a perspective before buying them and can put different ensembles together.

For the working man, TM Lewin is an obvious pick, but it’s also acceptable for anybody who likes to appear smart and some who is in style. It got a reputation whilst being detected in 1898. It’s proud to present a broad selection of woven tops formal eveningwear, casual wear, ties and accessories.

Even more, they always have monthly offers which mean that by a full suit at a particular rate one could at a time. Their customer service frequently goes beyond what’s anticipated and is of a higher quality.

In case you need certainly to shop on a budget, you would certainly be thrilled with the values of Topman who have a reputation for not being too hard on the bank showing that being affordable is smart. Perhaps, the finest approach to shop at Topman is to make the most of their on-line exclusives, which are most of the times much better as opposed to stock in the shop.

Busy With My New business

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Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great new year! Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently as I used to, I’ve been pretty busy running my new business. I’ve been travelling a lot and visiting different countries sourcing material and fabrics for my new clothing line. It has been daunting as I’m not great at speaking foreign languages, but luckily using interpreters and translators I have managed to make some very useful business ties!

I’m really excited with how well things are going and I should be posting much more frequently this year!

How Add Class To Your Home With Designer Plant Pots

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Flower pots can do far more than simply hold plants. They can add a touch of whimsy, sophistication, or classic styling to the spaces they occupy. They can keep your plants alive while you are on holiday, and protect your furniture from overspill. The contents of flower pots, if you choose live plants, can actually improve the air quality in your home. With the studies available showing that plants cleanse the air and humidify the atmosphere of the home, more and more people want to add potted plants to their home and office décor. Here are some ways to add class to your home with designer plant pots.

Lechuza Planters


Lechuza makes a series of plant pots that save water. These attractive pots can be used indoors or outdoors, and come in a variety of colors. There are even table-top planters, now, that conserve water by providing a sub-irrigation method that waters your plants whenever you can’t. You can actually go 3 months without watering your plants, because the pot does it for you. It has a water level marker on the side, that looks very stylish. The modern lines will blend very well with your home’s interior, if you like the clean lines of minimalist styling. If your home is in the modern or industrial style, with clean lines, hard surfaces, and minimal fabric, these planters will look like they are in their natural habitat. This is a great way to add the natural touch of plants to a décor style that can tend to look sterile and unwelcoming.

Lighted Planters

Do you need a night light somewhere in your home? Perhaps you would like to illuminate the sidewalk or patio, but don’t want a lot of clutter. There are many designer plant pots that incorporate lighting in various creative ways. Some pots use battery-operated lighting, while others allow you to plug the pot in to generate light. If you elect to use the latter, make sure it is UL listed for outdoor use. These lighted plant pots can provide ambient light in a room, helping to set a mood or simply keep people from wracking their shins on furniture. Outdoors, they can be used to create destination points in the garden, highlight specimen plants or mark the edge of a deck.

Robert Allen Planters

Robert Allen Home provides useful and attractive designer plant pots that are lightweight and pretty. They are available in an assortment of colors, and quite affordable. These PVC pots contain their own incorporated catch-basin, protecting your furniture and flooring from overwatering.


Veradek Planters

Veradek also provides pots that have incorporated catch-basins. These pots are sleek and stylish, with a dressy look for people with more classic or modern tastes.

Griffith Creek Designers

From Griffith Creek Designers, you have a more rustic appearing whiskey barrel style pot. For all appearances, this is a ½ whiskey barrel, but it is in one piece so that it doesn’t come apart.

Designer pots are available in every style, and in many materials.


Advantages of Shopping for Clothing Online

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Since the web took over all those years ago, the internet is just how we do the normal things these days.  Some companies have found it quite advantageous to run their companies entirely via the web. On-line shopping is due to the advantages it presents one task which is increasingly getting popular among customers.

Girls’s on-line shopping is common today, and shopping for clothing is among the top tasks for girls online. Buying on the net also has excellent advantages that in some instances are better in relation to the advantages of shopping in an actual shop, because it is possible to try on them to see if they can fit you nicely or if they seem good on you while garments are usually purchased at an actual shop. First, there’s the variable of benefit. You can find clothing online anytime, anyplace, and you may also do while you’re in your home clothing. There’s absolutely no need to go to the stores and have problem finding a parking spot. In addition, you get help from perhaps not waiting inline at the check out counter or requesting from a salesperson from help. Shopping on the net is also an improved inclination for individuals who want to stay away from the bunch that is typical in shopping centres.

The best on the web shopping websites generally carry lower costs as well as reductions on many things to entice more buyers. Clothes retailers that are on-Line have the benefit of richesse expenses that are lower as they’re not spending hire and associated taxes for the shop, in order that they are able to provide the rates if they certainly were marketed in a shop that is real. Online shops that are great would also provide free delivery to purchasers, so there are not any extra costs as a result of postage. It’s an effective way to send those items as presents to nearest and dearest because the on-line stores offer free delivery.

One great advantage purchaser’s love about looking for clothing online is the width of selections available. Purchasers can have use of shops without needing to vacation significantly in other states. Clothes retailers on the web provide colors and considerably more types that are unavailable in stores.

Online buying for clothing can also be perfect for those who are attempting to minimize expenditures without endangering their style feeling. Shopping in a shop that is real will not make up merely the payment for the real purchase. Generally, you must spend additional gasoline, for meals, and mo-Re threatening is a purchase if however you overlook still another shop.

Where To Find Amazing Jeans

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Sometimes, a woman just needs a great pair of jeans. Or two. And, maybe a new pair of pumps to go with them. Where or where can you find those jeans? Check the internet, and you’ll find the AmazingJeansCo. Designed specifically for you, Amazing Jeans are available in denim, velvet, and corduroy.


Velvet Jeans

There is simply nothing that can compare with the feel of velvet. When that velvet is in the form of jeans, you have a remarkable juxtaposition between a formal feel and a casual function. Talk about going from work to evening, velvet jeans are ready to serve double duty. The feel of velvet is luxurious, and can make you feel pampered, but the durability of jeans means they will stand up to extra use. That’s a good thing because they will become a staple of your wardrobe, dressing up that spaghetti strapped top and scarf when you go out on the town, or giving you that certain polished look for the board meeting. Narrow ankles, slim fit, velvet jeans makes you feel elegant all day long. Couple them with a cashmere sweater and knee boots, and you have a great look for this fall.

Corduroy Jeans

Corduroy is making a comeback, and what a comeback it is, with Amazing jeans. From Dusty Blue to Forrest Green, corduroy offers a sleek, sporty look. The vertical texture of corduroy elongates the legs, making you look taller and thinner. What woman doesn’t like that? The soft texture is comforting, and the fit is great. Amazing Jeans offers a classic fit that stretches, but shapes and supports at the same time. With corduroy, you can go horseback riding, enjoy a nature walk, or attend class in comfort. A versatile material, corduroy will get you through the fall and winter, and into spring in style.


Denim Jeans

Always classic and always comfortable, denim jeans are in season year round. The slight stretch you get with NYDJ denim makes them more comfortable than most. Wear the slim-leg in dark denim, with a sequined tank and heels and you have a fabulous look for a first date. Dark indigo never goes out of style, and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. The dark color makes you look thinner too, and what’s not to like about that?

Amazing Jeans Website

The Amazing Jeans website is beautiful, with rich colors and a good assortment of the different styles. The shopping cart will return you right back to the page you were shopping on, instead of sending you back to page one of the selection. Checkout is easy, too. The site takes every kind of credit card, as well as PayPal, so you can pay just about any way you want to.

Shipping is fast, too. You’ll get your order within one to two weeks. Their return policy is easy to understand and there are no hassles if you need to return an item. They are good about refunding your money. This is a great company.


Top Surfing Shops In The UK

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The UK offers some of the best surfing in the world. That makes sense, since it is surrounded by water. The beaches here are beautiful, and you can find any kind of surf you want, all year long. From Cornwall surfing lessons to Yorkshire, and from the east coast to the west coast, you’ll find surf perfect for just about any skills level. With the popularity of this sport in the UK, and with people traveling thousands of miles and overseas to surf in the waters around the UK, it’s no wonder surfing shops abound. You can find gear, equipment, lessons, and info on surf conditions at any number of excellent surf shops. Here are some of the top ones.

Magicseaweed Surf Shop

Magicseaweed is located in Kingsbridge, Devon. They ship all over the world, so you can order from them and they get the order out the same day. They recently started carrying Vissla wetsuits, which are great for all-weather surfing off the shores of the UK. You can get your surfboard here, too, along with other surf hardware from companies like Rip Curl, Xcell, and Billabong. They also take pride in their selection of performance boards, as well as funboards and beginner boards. Select a 5mm wetsuit for winter surfing, or a 3mm suite for this summer. They are all available at Magicseaweed Surf Shop.

West Coast Surf


West Coast Surf is located on the Llyn Peninsula of North Wales. This shop is fully stocked with Patagonia and Rip Curl wetsuits for year-round surfing. They also carry the favorite Ray-Ban and Spy sunglasses, and surfboards by every major, popular manufacturer, including Rip Curl, DHD, Circle One, Bic, and Aloha, among others. West Coast Surf is also a designated search lab for Rip Curl. The not only sell equipment, they rent it out for those who want. Visitors to the area can rent wetsuits and boards on a daily or weekly basis.


Sorted Surf Shop


In Dorset, you’ll find the Sorted Surf Shop. This company has the largest selection of wetsuits in the UK. They also stock accessories, and a wide range of surfboards by the biggest manufacturers. They often have clearance sales, so check them out to see if you can get your winter wetsuits right now, when they’re on sale. They offer trained analysis on what kind of surfboard you should buy, and you can find stand up paddle boards, too. By the way, you can also find GPS watches that should stand up the the sand, salt, and water you find on the beach.

Surf Surf Surf


Surfsurfsurf is located in the South West, in Devon. The offer a 28 day returns policy and expert advice on your equipment choices. They stock everything from Absinthe Films to ZFlex, and can get you set up for surfing this summer, wherever you go. Right now, they’re offering a 10% discount on orders. You can even find waterproof phones here!

Brick and mortar stores are important for shoppers, and surfers are no different. Drop by any of these stores, and see for yourself what they have to offer.


Getting Your Lawn Ready For The Summer

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The long, frozen winter of 2014-2015 is finally roaring to a close, and the thoughts of avid gardeners are turning to the outdoors. Spring bulbs are blooming, and there may be just a hint of green beneath the dry, brittle thatch of last year’s lawn. So, check the air in the wheelbarrow tyre, and make sure your rubber boots don’t leak, because we’re about to get your lawn ready for summer.

To Burn or Not to Burn

Burning off the thatch of your lawn is actually illegal in most areas. However, if you live in an area that allows it, the ash can be very beneficial for your soil, restoring valuable nutrients as you water it in. So, if you are allowed to burn, and can do so safely, it won’t damage the lawn itself. However, keep in mind that this can destroy other plants, trees, and shrubs.

Scalping the Lawn


Scalping the lawn consists of mowing it down to the roots. Check with your local nursery to see if your type of grass responds well to this treatment. Lawncare UK can tell you whether or not this practice is recommended. Basically, you will set your mower on its lowest setting. Since the majority of lawn grasses have very strong root networks, clipping the grass extremely closely not damage it. The up-side to scalping the lawn is that with all of the thatch removed, the soil will warm up quicker. This stimulates grass growth. Scalping also cuts most weeds off at the ground, giving lawn grasses a head start in claiming their territory.


Even though the freeze thaw cycle has probably loosened the soil quite a bit, this is still a good time to do further aeration. Manual aerators are operated much like a shovel. You place the aerator spikes onto the ground and stand on the top edge, just as you would a shovel. This pushes the aerators into the soil and pushes out a plug of soil. The holes left behind hold water and fertilizer. This is especially useful for high traffic areas of your lawn, such as dog trails or areas where you just haven’t gotten around to pouring that sidewalk.



Pre-emergent herbicides give you a great advantage over the ever present weed seeds. These chemicals will keep seeds from germinating. Some people who have pets are reluctant to use these chemicals for fear for their pets’ health. Be sure to read the instructions and cautions carefully before you apply the treatment. Many treatments must remain undisturbed for a certain number of hours, while others should be watered in. In some cases, you need to stay off of the lawn for the specified time period. This restriction applies to pets, as well. With herbicides and pesticides, pets can absorb the chemicals through their feet. It will also get on their fur, where they will lick it off.

When you follow these tips, your lawn will start the summer thick, green, and healthy. And, you won’t have as many weeds!

Purchasing plus sized Clothing, A Guide To Online sizing

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While there’s a tremendous selection of clothing available for medium and big sizes quite a few assortments can be found in plus-sizes. You may have often experienced how hard it becomes to locate clothing that wouldn’t only match you completely but may also satisfy you, if you’re plus size. It happens that you just walk right into a size girls clothes segment and then discover the top you want the most doesn’t suit you at all.

Though you’re more unlikely to find the garments that best fit you each time you visit you still look for them, you may also encounter stores particularly selling plus size girls clothing and big girls garments. These types of stores have various types of clothing including tops, coats, cardigans, gowns, knitwear, trousers, leggings, skirts, nightwear etc. More and all these are for sale in sizes along with different colour variety.

You do have the choice to look for plus size girls clothes and big girls clothes online, with the social stigma surrounding plus sized clothing, these websites are nicely developed and listing items specially designed from reputed manufacturers for you personally all around the globe. Together you clearly get the opportunity to search in the comfort of your residence online for the kind clothing. An excellent thing is the fact that garments are recorded suitably, so that you will be in a position to get the kind of apparel you’re seeking readily, like if you’re seeking mother of bride in Sydney attire then they are going to have it below the class “Mother of Bride Sydney”.

Nevertheless you must keep in mind that here you don’t get the opportunity to attempt the garments before you purchase them, thus you should basically ensure the plus size girls clothing and big girls garments which you plan to get fit you flawlessly. You may ask, how can you ensure that? It’s not complex in the event you follow the size recommendations right.

Most of the websites selling plus size clothes have a size manual, which reveal aspects of the sizes significance which dimension indicates which dimensions, and what should be your chest and hip size to to suit because one size. In the event you calculate your size totally then it must not be a problem to seek out you personally the ideal size of clothes. It is best to test this guidebook before you search through through different types of plus size girls clothes and girls clothing that are big. It’s going to help you along with your decision to purchase best or a certain dress.

Though on-line stores allow it to be simpler to go shopping for for plus-size girls clothes and big girls clothes it’s still crucial that you be cautious while shopping on the internet to be sure to get the ideal fitting apparel you want to use for that special event.

Bloch Dancewear

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Dancers put a lot of time and sweat equity into their passion. Whether dance is a profession or an avocation for you, you invest hours of practice, moments of performance, and often a lifetime of sweat equity into dancing. As with any other profession, hobby, or exercise regimen, you will have a wardrobe specified especially for your dance activities. Whether you prefer jazz, ballet, tap, or any other style of dancing, your wardrobe should be adequate for the job, giving support where you need it and staying out of the way of your movements. Bloch Dancewear has been providing dancers with wardrobe needs from the ground up since 1932.

Bloch Website

Screenshot 2015-06-16 14.30.51

If you haven’t visited the Bloch Dancewear website yet, you should. It is very easy to navigate, with a stylish and sophisticated layout. The drop-down menu across the top has plenty of choices in each category, from fashion apparel to dance and fashion shoes, and even products for babies.

You can even select the country in which you live, so that languages and pries are in your native language. The site search will take you to just about any section you want, and will refer you to designer clothing or specific genre clothing.


The shoes you wear during training and performance are crucial to your success. Bloch Dancewear can supply you and your entire studio with dance shoes. Ballet flats by every dancewear designer are available, as well as pointe shoes. In fact, Bloch is proud to announce the newest technology in ballet shoes with the Syncrony brand, which not only stretches, it enhances your foot shape while you are dancing .

In addition to a full complement of ballet shoes you can also find jazz shoes, both for teaching, practice, and performance.

Split Sole sneakers are available for those into dance fitness. You’ll be amazed at the ease with which you can dance in sneakers, and whether you use them for dance or for dance fitness, Bloch has the sneakers for you.

Stage shoes and tap shoes add to the selection. Your performance will go smoothly with professional shoes that aid your movements, rather than impeding them.

They even can take care of your soles when you go ballroom dancing. Latin dance, too, has certain shodding requirements, all of which can be handled easily by Bloch. Whether you need support, practice shoes or show shoes, Bloch can take care of it.

Dance Apparel


Leotards, pants, tights, even underwear are all in the catalog at Bloch. They are accustomed to dressing everyone from babies to teens and grownups. Your costumes, too, for performances and dress rehearsals are available at the click of a mouse. Warm-up to your workout with their durable warm-up clothes.

Featured Artists

At Bloch, you will find dancewear by some of the biggest names in dance. Maxim Beloserkovsky, Jose Carlos Martinez, Sarah Lamb – all have their lines of dancewear well represented in the catalog at Bloch. Log on today, and you’ll see that this will be your first choice for dancewear.